Does Your Life Pass Joy Test™
Home Study Course

The Joy Test™ Home Study Course is a comprehensive, self-paced guide that takes you beyond the 101 points in the Joy Test™ Evaluation.

Chrissy Carew, MCC

"The Joy Test™ is a must have for anyone who wants to design their life based on their essence. A comprehensive and friendly 8 week course that gently walks you through an energizing, enlightening and absolutely fun process! 

It is astounding to me how much this tool helps me stay on a joyful track. When I get into a funk, I immediately go to the joy test and see where I am off balance.  Each time it leads me to one of the lessons that calls for my attention. Once I revisit the appropriate lesson, I find it much easier to get back on my game and with gusto!

A visual masterpiece loaded with thought provoking questions and exercises that shed light on what we all crave more of — joy!

Both thumbs for Laura and Philip for creating this gem!"

In the course you will be focusing on  specific areas of your life:

Fun, Play, and Pleasure
Your Physical Being
Your Career
Your Money and Finances
Self Care
Your Physical Environment 

Lisa Zumpft, Retired

" I have done this work over the past 10 years through working with a Coach (Laura). My life is so much the better for it. This is only an eight week course, but it really is work for a life time. Some of it came fast and easy and some of it may never be just the way I want it. But it’s been fun keeping my focus on having a happy life first. Everything else just is."

 In addition, you will be completing self assessments and learning skills for productivity and creativity. 

Kathy Malone, PCC

"I LOVED this course!  Does Your Life Pass The Joy Test™? is an insightful and practical book filled with wisdom, inspiration and simple, but powerful methods to help everyone who reads it discover the true joy in their life. Your spirit will soar with delight!"

Going through the Joy Test™ Home Study Course will provide you with exactly what you need to be able to bring joy into your life in a deep and permanent way.  … and you’ll have fun in the process.  

Lisa Coffey, Harpist

"The Joy Test is a road map to a life of productivity and contentment.  Laura and Philip identify the guideposts along the way that make the journey both rewarding and concise."

Some of the lessons may prove more challenging to you than others, but if you find you’re struggling with any of the course, you’re working too hard—There is no struggle in the Joy Test™ Home Study Course just as there is no struggle in a life lived in joy! 

Be able to answer “Yes!” to:

Does Your Life Pass Joy Test™? 


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